Ima Iduozee: Contemporary choreography – peeling the onion
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22 October 2015

I have chosen choreography as a way to study the complexity of Human Behaviour. Dance, to me, is the most primal form of communication, a direct experience of our environment and conditions. I believe that the human body carries with it the shared memories, culture and history inherited a long time ago, passed on from generation to generation. This hereditary knowledge running through our veins is exposed in the intimate act of choreography. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel all over again, I try to listen to the voices of the past in service of the common culture I share with those around me.

I have trained in numerous movement techniques, methods and conventions in hope of revealing that which is authentic and endogenous about The Human Body in Motion. To peel off the skin, to reveal that which lies beneath all the masking.

Sacrificing your body on stage, in performance, under the surveillance of the critical public, in the midst of a ritual… This is a heroic act, performed on the behalf of the common culture we share with those around us.

The spectator understands that such an act of unveiling is an invitation to her and him to do the same, and this often arouses opposition. Our daily efforts are intended to hide the truth about ourselves. We try to escape what is truthful about us, whereas here, we are invited to stop and take a closer look. The unmasked Human Body on stage invites us to do the same. For one to respond, to attend and to participate –  this is an intimate act which demands us to unveil ourselves as well.

From rock to gravel, to dust, to mud, to rock.

Contemporary art does not have to be literal, descriptive or representational. When composing choreography, I wish to write an Open Text so that the audience will feel the space to participate and indeed, complete the circle. I wish to leave room for the audience to participate. There has to be space for the audience to participate. It is not my responsibility to write something literal, state the obvious or produce answers. My responsibility is to create the Circumstances where something significant might occur.

At its best, this something can be an empowering, uplifting and soul-nourishing experience.

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Ima Iduozee

Ima Iduozee is a Finnish dancer and choreographer with a background in breakdance. His praised first solo performance This is the title has toured in the Nordic countries, as well as Paris and Torino. Last summer Iduozee  performed the piece at Julidans 2015 festival in Amsterdam, with the support of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.

Photo © Jani-Matti Salo

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