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Kati Laakso photo: Inka Hyvonen

Kati Laakso


Kati moved to Brussels from Tokyo, Japan where she was working as the Head of Arts and Communications at the Finnish Institute in Japan. Kati has, among others, previously worked at the Consulate General of Finland in New York and as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project. Kati’s strengths lie in her expertise in the visual arts and design fields, her extensive international work experience as well as her skills in managing a diverse range of projects. She graduated from the Stockholm University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Economics and a minor in Art History, and has since immersed herself in the beauty and excitement of the arts.

Twitter: @kate_valley

Instagram: @katevalley

Tiina Eerolainen Photo: Inka Hyvonen

Tiina Eerolainen

Administration Manager (Mon-Wed)
+32 (0)474 282095

Tiina is in charge of the finances, administration, and human resources of the institute. She has been at the institute since 2011, and has previously worked as, for example, the Director of an international development agency in Belgium. Tiina has language skills in all of the institute’s four languages, and is especially interested in the field of literature.

Malin Bergstrom photo: Inka Hyvonen

Malin Bergström

Project Manager
+32 (0)468 155672

Malin is in charge of the various projects that the institute coordinates and manages, and oversees its daily communications, as well as the institute’s TelepART programme. Malin has previously lived in both the UK and Estonia, and has previously worked for the Finnish Institute in Estonia. With a background in arts and communication, Malin is a storyteller with a passion for the comics medium, and more recently— the performing arts.

Kaisa Ahvonen Photo: Nelli Salonen

Kaisa Ahvonen


Kaisa works as a communications-assistant at the institute. Her duties include assisting in project communication and handling the institute’s social media. Kaisa is currently finishing her Masters’s studies in French Linguistics at the University of Helsinki, and she has a strong interest in fashion as an artistic practice, as well as cinema and photography.