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30 lokakuun 2018

The new EUNIC Brussels conference cycle questioning the future of Europe

Building on EUNIC Brussels previous initiatives “European Angst” and “Sweating for Europe”, the project, made of 4 panel discussions, has the ambition to rethink a social contract which would take into account the peculiarities of our world today. The panel discussions aim to look to the future of Europe, using concepts of “protection” and “care” as a basis.

The ambition of the project is to rethink the social contract, so that it no longer relies on the relationship between citizens and the state but goes beyond this by taking into account the different dimensions of life today and the crucial issues citizens are facing: security concerns versus personal privacy, of the Welfare state and social rights, building an inclusive society that goes beyond divisions, care for the aging population, opportunities for the next generation, and preservation of natural environment. These issues have begun to be addressed at the European level: the 2018 European parliamentary agenda aims to “deliver new and more effective rights for citizens. It appears thus, of great importance to further enable discussions with academics and practitioners in order to bring critical and well informed opinion to a wider audience.

Security vs. Privacy

The series of events will launch on October 30th, 2018 at 6pm at the House of European History on the theme of “Security vs. Privacy”.

The development of networks and digital communities blurs distinctions between privacy and selfdisclosure. In a context of ‘state emergency’ measures as well as personal data surveillance, how could citizens’ rights be preserved? What about social media? How free speech is protected when the frontier between public and private lives become blur? Is the European Union protecting our privacy enough? How is the EU doing this?

Kimmo Rousku is a broad-based digitization researcher, non-fiction writer and ICT expert, with over 30 years of information and cyber security expertise. He has extensive experience in state administration, and over the 9 last years he has specialized in developing information, digital and cyber security, risk management and data protection, and developing and utilizing the potential of digitalization in the public sector. He currently works at the Population Register Center of Finland as the General Secretary of the Government Information Security Management Board (VAHTI).

Bénédicte Rey is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Belfort Montbéliard (UTBM) in France. Author of La vie privée à l’ère du numérique (Privacy at the digital age), her research at RECITS lab (Research in industrial, technological and scientific choices) focuses on behaviours and technologies.

Marta Peirano is a Spanish writer, journalist and long-time advocate for citizen privacy, government transparency, digital security and community based infrastructure. Recently, she has been the Culture and Technology editor at Spanish national newspaper Member of multidisciplinary collective Elástico, she is also the co-director of COPYFIGHT festival and cofounder of CryptoParty Berlín. Her most recent book, El pequeño Libro Rojo del activista en la Red (The Little Red Book of Online Activism) is an essay about the impact of digital surveillance, with a foreword by Edward Snowden.

The discussion is moderated by Karl van den Broeck, a Belgian journalist and essayist. In charge of the Culture column for the Belgian daily De Morgen for twenty years then editor-in-chief of Knack for six years, he is now the editor-in-chief of the news website and a conference and debate organiser at BOZAR.

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