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Clothes might be there to protect and give cover, but fashion is created to communicate. To give a signal and get reactions. How can contemporary wearable technology help fashion designers make garments that interact with their bearer and the environment? With the Fashnology project we are exploring the encounter of social technology and fashion with nine new works, created during the summer by 11 young and inspiring fashion designers. Fashnology is produced in collaboration with the Aalto University’s Department of Design.

The results can now be seen at the Embassy of Finland in Brussels until 15 September 2015.

The mind captivating works were first presented as a part of BOZAR’s Summer of Fashion on 27-30 August 2015.

The Finnish fashion scene is rising like a rocket, and the young generation of the renowned fashion department of Aalto University is gaining a deserved international reputation with its new touch. The Fashonology project is an exploration where high-tech wearable technology know-how meets with imaginative fashion designs, in search for a more interactive fashion.

Fashnology project:
Producer: Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
In collaboration with: Aalto University Department of Design
Supervisors: Lector Ilona Hyötyläinen, Aalto University Department of Design, Fashion Design
Laboratory manager Jussi Mikkonen, Aalto University Department of Design, Embodied Interaction Lab

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cock pic 1 credit Nellie de Boer 828x555

TelepART: Samira Elagoz

8-9 August 2018
Tampere Theatre Festival, Finland
Cock, Cock.. Who's There? is an unsettling, touching and private documentary-performance of a young woman's research into intimacy and violence. Through online platforms like Chatroulette and Tinder, and through close encounters Samira Elagoz takes the audience on her journey of regaining power, reinventing autonomous expression of sexuality and attempts to relate to men.
EdgarLarsen (5) 828x555

TelepART: Sisus

24-25 August 2018
Lieve Vrouwekerkhof, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
As part of a Europe-wide tour, Finnish circus group Sisus lands in the Netherlands at the Spoffin festival in Amersfoort 24-25 August. During the tour, Sisus performs Mosh Split piece, a 45-minute outdoor show, which is built around a 9.5 meter-high truss structure. This energetic show contains a huge variety of circus skills both in the air and on the ground: trapeze, moshing, rope dancing, partner acrobatics, group spirit, humour and girl power. In the scenery, there is a camper van from which surprising characters and crazy ideas come out following one another. Dresses are made out of toilet paper and hairstyles get their finishing touches with vacuum cleaners.
Peltomaa_Fraanje_Perkola.001 828x555

TelepART: Peltomaa/Fraanje/Perkola: ÄÄNI

31 August 2018
Ankkabarock, Vantaa, Finland
Musicians Mikko Perkola (gamba and effects), Aino Peltomaa (vocals and harp) and Harmen Fraanje (piano) will perform together for the first time at the Ankkabarock festival in Vantaa, Finland in August 2018. In an innovative concert approach titled ÄÄNI (sound), they combine medieval music, chants and jazz improvisation, inviting the audience to move around the space and improvise. The aim is to create a unique, strong feeling of togetherness.

Baltic Tour: Les Agrémens & Ensemble Nylandia

8 July & 14 July & 6 August & 30 September 2018
The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, together with the Finnish baroque orchestra, Ensemble Nylandia, CAV & MA (Centre d’Art Vocal et de Musique Ancienne) and the festival umbrella organisation, Festivals de Wallonie, is supporting a concert series called Baltic Tour. There will be four concerts between July and September 2018 at festivals that are part of the Festivals de Wallonie platform across the francophone region of Belgium. Les Agrémens, the ensemble directed by the well-known Belgian composer Guy Van Waas will be joined by three soloists from Ensemble Nylandia to add some Finnish flavour: Anni Elonen (violin), Riittaliissa Hakulinen (viola) and Tatu Ahola (cello).

Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Boomstraat 14/3
1000 Brussels

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