Finnish Courses
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The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux’s popular language courses continue in the spring! Come and study one of the world’s most interesting and beautiful languages!


Class schedule for the academic year 2018-2019

Classes for the academic year 2018-2019 continue in week 6.

Tuesday 5 February, 18:00–19:30. Level 3. Teacher: Merja Heikkinen

Tuesday 5 February, 19.40–21.10. Level 1. BEGINNERS COURSE. Teacher: Merja Heikkinen

Wednesday 6 February, 18.00–19.30. Level 2. Teacher: Tiina Karetvaara

Wednesday 6 February, 19.40–21.10. Level 1. BEGINNERS COURSE. Teacher: Tiina Karetvaara

NB! Thursday 31 January, 19.00–21.00. Level 4. (For those who have completed the level 3 intensive course: this course picks up from the Suomen mestari 2 textbook, lesson 5). Teacher Sanna Joutsijoki


Registration, additional information and course details

Level 1 is a beginners course. No prior Finnish language learning or knowledge is required. Levels 2, 3 and 4 are advancing courses.

The course consists of two semesters: an autumn and a spring semester.

A semester has 28 classes divided over 14 teaching weeks.

A class is 45 minutes.

Please note: Level 4 classes are 2 x 60 min.

The level 4 classes are devided over 11 teaching weeks.

The semester fee is 250 EUR. The fee for the whole year is 500 EUR.

The fee for the intensive beginners course is 500EUR.

It is necessary to register separately for each semester.

The level of the course is the same for the whole academic year.

Mid-semester breaks are arranged course by course with the teacher.

A course is organised once a minimum number of registrations (5) is reached.

Courses make use of the Suomen mestari textbook series. Textbooks are ordered in bulk at the beginning of the academic year. A textbook can be purchased from the Institute at an additional cost (40 EUR).


Register before 18 January 2019 by contacting the Administration Manager, Tiina Eerolainen, via email at or telephone:

02 513 09 41 or 0474 28 20 95.

Contact Tiina Eerolainen for more information (Monday to Wednesday, office hours).

Course fees are paid upon registration or at the latest before the start of the course to the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux bank account:
Finnish Cultural Institute in Benelux Trust
IBAN: BE44 3200 5188 2845
Reference: Name of student and level of course

All classes in the spring of 2019 meet at the offices of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux near the Sablon square at Rue de l’Arbre/Boomstraat 14/3, 1000 Brussels.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux also organises private Finnish language tuition at a cost of 550 EUR/10 lessons.

Other courses

Centrum voor Levende Talen
Dekenstraat 4, 3000 Leuven
+32 16 32 56 61 | secr[@] |

De Finse Zeemanskerk,
‘s-Gravendijkwal 64, 3014 EG Rotterdam
info[@] |