K41 gallery space opened in Brussels on 4 March 2017
  • krista
14 March 2017

© Alix Helfer

After a year-long renovation, the K41 gallery space was opened to the public. The gallery is an initiative of Brussels-based Finnish artist Krista Autio and aims to create a bridge between the local audience and artists from the Nordic countries. The three-storey apartment located in a quiet courtyard houses an exhibition space, Autio’s own studio as well as a shared workspace that can be rented.

In the exhibition space, the artist plans to run her NordiKeye project in the future, which helps to connect Nordic contemporary artists in the Benelux region to the local arts scene and to new audiences. Besides having a focus on Nordic countries, the space also acts as a meeting place for other artists from the European borderlands. The gallery’s shared workspace can, for example, be used to organise workshops and gatherings.

Autio’s exhibition am I supposed to be a better person that opened the K41 gallery on Saturday drew a large audience. Projecting the strength of colour, the minimalist works engage with deeper existential questions and the uncertainties of everyday life: “am I good enough for this life?”, “can I trust myself?”. The K41 gallery’s first exhibition is open until 8 April 2017 and is located at 41 Rue Keyenveld, 1050 Ixelles.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux supported the establishment of the K41 gallery space. The Nordic Key project creates a meeting place for Nordic contemporary art in Brussels.

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