Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk joins the Curatorial Program for Research in Helsinki
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Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk joins the Curatorial Program for Research in Helsinki

Dutch curator Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk has been selected to the Curatorial Program for Research (CPR) in Helsinki, launched in 2015. This international program examines characteristics of different cultural regions from a curatorial point of view. The focus of the first class are Eastern and Northern Europe – Finland and Estonia being the destination countries. Academic research and working locally are combined in this program. The student group of CPR visited Helsinki and Tallinn in October 2015. The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux supported Lekkerkerk’s participation in the Finland period of the program.

Altogether 92 people applied for the program, of which ten were selected. One of the founders and educators of the program is the Finnish curator Aura Seikkula who is also the Head of Programs and Development of CPR.

During the two weeks in Finland and Estonia, the students visited nearly twenty studios, galleries and art institutions. Aura Seikkula, Karin Laansoo, Kadri Laas and academic advisor Cecelia Thornton-Alson planned the visits. The study trip was organized together with local partners. In Helsinki, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Checkpoint Helsinki introduced the participants to the Finnish contemporary art field as well as to the local ways of working with and producing art.

Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk has worked as a curator actively already before his studies in the CPR. He studied art history and visual culture at the University of Utrecht and got his Master’s degree from the London Metropolitan University. Lekkerkerk has worked e.g. in theStedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam and David Roberts Art Foundation in London. Currently, he is in close curatorial research collaboration with the centre for contemporary art, TENT Rotterdam. In 2012, he founded The Office for Curating agency which organizes exhibitions, publications and acts as an igniter for social discussion. Lekkerkerk considers curatorial work a tool for re-examining society from an artistic point of view. He is particularly interested in socio-political questions.

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Curatorial Program for Research

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Street View (Reassembled) – Anssi Pulkkinen

BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium
The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux will present visual artist Anssi Pulkkinen’s commissioned work on the theme of homelessness from 22 June until 6 July in front of the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. After Brussels, the 13.5 metre long installation composed of the ruins of a destroyed Syrian home will be exhibited in other parts of the Benelux and the Nordic countries. The installation is part of Mobile Home 2017, an umbrella project of the Finnish cultural and academic institutes.

Celebrating Finland for one week in June in Rotterdam

(FR) L’église finlandaise des marins de Rotterdam organise du 2 au 11 juin à Rotterdam le festival Extraordinary Finland Week en l’honneur des 100 ans de l’indépendance finlandaise. Cette semaine de festivités donnera à chacun l’occasion de se familiariser avec la culture et les traditions finlandaises autour d’un programme comprenant entre autres des séances de sauna, des concerts, des expositions d’art, des colloques et bien d’autres choses encore.
Kari Ikonen helmikuu_Charles Bruere2

TelepART: Orchestra Nazionale della Luna

29 July 2017
Raahe, Finland
Founded by its chief conductors Manuel Hermia and Kari Ikonen in 2015, the orchestra has quickly become one of the most important orchestras on the Moon. Its diverse and highly original repertoire, as well as its inventive and energetic way of playing is fascinating lunatics and jazz lovers all over the Moon and even on Earth. Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna has been a remarkable project of the jazz season of 2016 in Finland (6 concerts in April in the Southern half of the country). The high profiled Belgian-Finnish-French ensemble will make its debut in Northern Finland at Jazz on the Beach, Raahe, on July 29th 2017. The concert will include some new pieces by Manuel Hermia and Kari Ikonen, as well as a collaboration with a local choir on a piece by Kari Ikonen.

TelepART: Olimpia Splendid

11 November 2017
Wilde Westen, Kortrijk, Belgium
Olimpia Splendid are Heta, Jonna and Katri - a trio from Finland. They formed the band in the summer of 2010, having also played in the likes of Toblerones, Bananas, Snällas Blood, Hertta Lussu Ässä, Hockey Night and Kuupuu. Nuttu Nurin, their debut 7” released by Fonal Records, is comprised of three exclusive, interlocking tracks. The album is a murky collage of live recordings and rehearsal jams, bearing witness to a band in their element. Thus far Olimpia Splendid have played shows in Sweden, Estonia and Finland, with further opportunities to catch the band live poised tentatively on the horizon.

Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Boomstraat 14/3
1000 Brussels

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