Text lives! Finnish literature in the Benelux
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Text lives! Finnish literature in the Benelux
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In 2017, the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux is honouring Finnish literature with the ‘Text lives!’ project. The Institute’s goal is to highlight front row Finnish authors and their works by raising awareness of translations of Finnish contemporary drama, poetry and texts in its target countries.

This literary season begins with a visit by one of Finnish literature’s most renowned talents, Sofi Oksanen. The author arrives in Brussels at the Passa Porta Festival on 26 March, where she will appear twice. Amongst other topics, Oksanen will talk about her most celebrated works and comment on some of the phenomena of our time from the heart of her works.

A play reading festival of Finnish plays, curated by director and playwright Jean-Claude Idée, will take place on 29 and 30 March at the Comédie Claude Volter theatre in Brussels. The programme includes a selection of works by four front row Finnish playwrights: Saara Turunen’s Bunny Girl (Puputyttö), Juha Jokela’s The Fundamentalist (Fundamentalisti), Otso Kautto’s It’s a Girl! (Tyttö tuli!) and Anna KrogerusFor Sheer Love of Me (Rakkaudesta minuun). The plays will be performed in French.

In the autumn, poetry and its word imagery will animate and colour public transportation in Brussels. The Finnish Cultural Institute is working with EUNIC, the Brussels-based network of European cultural institutes, on the culturally rich ‘Transpoesie’ project. The event, which honours Europe’s multiple languages, highlights poetry and poets from different language regions. Transpoesie culminates in various events at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, the Parlamentarium and Hungary’s Balassi Institute in Brussels featuring poets from different parts of Europe.

As part of the ‘Mobile Home 2017’ project and alongside an art work that deals with homelessness, the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux is producing a publication that explores the numerous meanings of home. The publication will appear in September 2017.

Partners in the Text lives! events include the Passa Porta Festival, Le Magasin d’Ecriture Théâtrale, La Comédie Claude Voltaire, Nordic Drama Corner, TINFO Theatre Info Finland, Jam Sam Books, The Finnish Embassy in Brussels and the EUNIC network.

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