International mobility and exchange
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International mobility and exchange
The Benelux countries and Finland

Promoting the international mobility of culture professionals and influencers is a key focus for the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux. Through our work, we facilitate exhibitions and performances in Finland and the Benelux countries and also offer travel and accommodation bursaries to encourage international visits and collaboration. Our role is to foster international projects between academics, journalists and administrators. The Institute’s international mobility funding is available to both freelancers and permanent employees and it can also be used to fund performances across a number of artistic disciplines through the TelepART program.

Participants in our international mobility initiative:

2018: Peter Bosmans, Programmatie en coördinatie, Cultuur Centrum Leopoldsburg (BE), Patrick Scallon, Director of Communications, Dries Van Noten (BE), Katja Lindroos, Executive Producer, Lähiöfestivaali (FI)

2017: Dieter Van den Storm (Bozar, BE), Benoit Debuyst (BE), Paul Dujardin (Bozar, BE), Conrad Willems (BE), Sivi Valima (FI), Kees Christiaanse(KCAP, NL), Xander Vermeulen Windsant (XVW architectuur, NL), Egbert Fransen (Pakhuis de Zwijger, NL), Simon van Dommelen (LOLA, NL), Rainer Hoffman (SPRING, NL), Bram Coeman (Buda Kortrijk, BE), Tony Van der Eecken (BE), DAS Theatre (NL), Eva Giolo (BE), Pauline Miko (BE), Katariina Guthwert (FI)

2016: Jean Claude Idée & Nathalie Rimé (BE), Karlien Vanhoonacker (SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Pianofabrik, NL), Charlotte Vandevyver (STUK, BE), Anita van Dolen (Stadsschouwburg, Julidans, NL), Pierre Thys (BE), Samme Raeymaekers (BE), Frank van Berkel (de Doelen, NL), Nav Haq (Muhka), Sophie Lauwerts (Bozar, BE), Zoë Gray (Wiels, BE), Antoine Pickels (SIGNAL Festival, BE), Ivor Stodolsky & Marita Muukkonen (Perpetuum Mobile, FI)

2015: Timo Soppela (MUU ry, FI), Maaike van Langen (Circusstad, NL), Mariette Dölle (TENT Rotterdam, NL), Gilles Ledure (Flagey, BE) and Eva Neklayeva (Checkpoint Helsinki, FI).



Photo © Kaapo Kamu

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