Social Technology & Art
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Social Technology & Art
The Benelux countries and Finland

The print press, television, photography, sound recording… these technological innovations have not only radically changed the way in which art reaches its audience, but they have also profoundly affected the content itself – how it is experienced and structured, created and performed. Today, social technologies and their uses in the culture sector are paving the way for the deconstruction and reconfiguration of prevailing power structures. We are living in a time of flux that offers artists and arts organisations new opportunities for engagement and interaction with their audiences.

Our three-year Social Technology & Art project, due to run between 2015 and 2017, will place the opportunities offered by the new technologies centre stage. The project aims to bring together new interactive technologies and cultural and creative industry practitioners. Collaborations between representatives from the music, photography, fashion and other industries and the cultural sector in Finland and the Benelux countries will explore the possibilities offered by this technology. We have launched a dedicated YouTube channel that can be used to share examples of best practice and will foster interaction between professionals. It is envisaged that the shared creative and technological platform also has the potential to generate commercial applications.

During the Social Technology & Art, all our participants will take centre stage – not just to experience but also to create something new. Join us for the exploration.

In collaboration with:
Ministry of Education and Culture

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