Classical:NEXT Event for professionals in classical music
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Classical:NEXT Event for professionals in classical music
De Doelen Concert and Congress Centre, Kruisplein 30/40, 3012 CC Rotterdam, the Netherlands

“NEXT:Tech Stand – Social Technology & Art, presented by FinnCult & Classical:NEXT

Classical:NEXT was born out of the simple idea to bring the diverse scenes of classical music together and offer them a forum to exchange ideas and develop new ways for working within classical and contemporary music.

As part of our Social Technology & Art project, the Finnish Cultural Institute joins forces with Classical:NEXT to offer a stand focused on the future of technology in classical music. The stand presents organisations and projects which use technology to advance the classical music industry, grow its audience base, create new revenue sources  as well as new ways for artists to interact with their art and audience are exhibiting at the stand. The Finnish Institute’s Social Technology & Art programme aims to bring together new interactive technologies and cultural and creative industry practitioners.

The stand is provided by Classical:NEXT and facilitated by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.

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TelepART: Thalamus

28-29 July 2018
Zilleghem Folk Festival, Loppem, Belgium
Folk band Thalamus is publishing an album this summer and as a part of publishing tour will travel from Finland to Belgium in July, performing both at the Zilleghem Folk Festival and in Ninove. Thalamus has enriched the Finnish folk music scene for almost two decades. Their diverse combination of tunes, both traditional and composed, originates from and gets influenced by the music of different parts of Europe, the Americas and the Northern Africa. In addition to the melodies themselves, Thalamus has always put a great effort on the arrangements as well, in order to make it interesting and often surprising for the audience too.

Baltic Tour: Les Agrémens & Ensemble Nylandia

8 July & 14 July & 6 August & 30 September 2018
The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, together with the Finnish baroque orchestra, Ensemble Nylandia, CAV & MA (Centre d’Art Vocal et de Musique Ancienne) and the festival umbrella organisation, Festivals de Wallonie, is supporting a concert series called Baltic Tour. There will be four concerts between July and September 2018 at festivals that are part of the Festivals de Wallonie platform across the francophone region of Belgium. Les Agrémens, the ensemble directed by the well-known Belgian composer Guy Van Waas will be joined by three soloists from Ensemble Nylandia to add some Finnish flavour: Anni Elonen (violin), Riittaliissa Hakulinen (viola) and Tatu Ahola (cello).
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TelepART: Samira Elagoz

8-9 August 2018
Tampere Theatre Festival, Finland
Cock, Cock.. Who's There? is an unsettling, touching and private documentary-performance of a young woman's research into intimacy and violence. Through online platforms like Chatroulette and Tinder, and through close encounters Samira Elagoz takes the audience on her journey of regaining power, reinventing autonomous expression of sexuality and attempts to relate to men.
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TelepART: Wise Fools

20-22 July, 3-5 August 2018
Cirque Plus Festival, Bruges, Belgium & Streeta(rt)nimation Festival, Luxembourg City
Wise Fools is a Finnish circus group specialized in triple trapeze and skipping ropes. The trio started doing circus as a hobby in a Finnish youth circus called Sorin Sirkus, and they received their professional training in École Superieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Belgium. During the three years at ESAC, they developed a style where two catchers swing and toss one flyer. In January 2015 they won a silver medal at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. They have since worked with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil and the largest German variety company GOP, among others. They have also performed on various street art festivals in for example South Korea, Spain and Israel.

Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Boomstraat 14/3
1000 Brussels

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